Why is the rent so darn high? The role of growing demand to live in housing-supply-inelastic cities?, with Greg Howard (Journal of Urban Economics, 2021).

Does FinTech Substitute for Banks? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program with Isil Erel (2022). (Journal of Financial Economics, 2022).

Regional Divergence and House Prices, with Greg Howard (2022). Accepted, Review of Economic Dynamics

Working Papers

How Effective is Antitrust Intervention? Evidence From Bank Mergers (2020)  Revision requested, Journal of Financial Economics.

(Previously distributed as: Are Retail Banking Markets Still Local? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Bank Mergers)

Debt Overhang and the Retail Apocalypse with Ricardo Correa and Martin Sicilian (2022).

The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Remote Work on U.S. Housing Markets with Greg Howard and Adam Ozimek (2022)  Revision requested, Journal of Financial Economics.

Research in Progress

Understanding High-Growth Entrepreneurs with Victor Lyonnet and Maxime Bonelli

A Theory of Corporate Policies with EPS-Fixated Managers with Zahi Ben-David, Stacey Jacobsen and Tzachi Zach

Why Have Student Housing Costs Increased? 

Resting Papers

Housing Demand, Regional House Prices and Consumption (2017)

Interpreting Instrumented Difference-in-Differences, econometrics note with Sally Hudson and Peter Hull (2017)

The Cyclicality of CEO Turnover, with Heidi Packard (2019)